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Donors and Participants

2014 Summer Internship Initiative Underway is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating for the public benefit, and depends on your support to continue to fund the organization and offer a valuable educational program. If you believe in the difference High School Interns can make, please donate today. Your donation is tax exempt to the extent of the law. To view donation options, please click here. All donors will at a minimum be recognized for their support on the High School Intern's website. is a dynamic and innovative federally approved IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Athens of the South.

Nashville has garnered this reputation because of its strong ties with national education platforms, healthcare research, its flourishing international arts community and its progressive information technology infrastructure. It has been reported that for the next five years Nashville, Tennessee is expected to be the number one corporate relocation destination in the United States. has been founded to help high school students make a more informed decision about their future, reduce the high school dropout rate, and promote a possible career path. To accomplish this goal, a mini-internship, and three-week to six-week internship program have been developed to help high school students obtain real world insight in a particular profession. As a result, students will hopefully be more inspired to complete high school, or go to college, be more self-confident about life, and be better prepared to make important academic and career decisions.

"My hope is that high school students will be more motivated to succeed in school, make more informed decisions about their future, and begin the next stage of their life with the same sense of purpose that I was fortunate to have had."
- Jay R. Lefkovitz, Chairman of the Board & Founder,

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